Sleepin alone… in a house I don’t own.

Hubby is out of town for a 5 days….. wah… tear….. sigh….. moan… whimper. Im such a wuss. I just hate the feeling that he isn’t gonna come in the door tonight or be next to me in the morning when I wake up… But, its how it is for the week anyways. There are many out there who haven’t seen their husbands in a year.. months…. weeks because of their service to our country.

I don’t know how you do it ladies… You are amazing.

So what should I do with myself???? Since Ive been home about 10 minutes and I am already in my pajama pants….Im probably going to watch crappy TV shows that I am too embarrassed to watch in front of my husband.. Make spaghetti for dinner…. Sit in a hot bath with my Pandora on Fleet Foxes…… then watch girly movies on Netflix that would make Greg Gag and cringe.

Ill be out by 9. Maybe 8:30 if the bath is really relaxing…

WOW. I bet you are worn out just reading this? One thing is for sure. Im going to relax, and enjoy watching cheesy movies and the funniest home videos….

We’ll see how it goes..


Snow Photos

Because we dont get enough snow down here. I thought Id post some recent and older shots of snow that Ive gotten!!!

Tuesday Blues

I really thought that the beginning of this would be the time when I would hear back some positive news. But its been nothing but rejections, Postponements and what I feel like, is false hope.

I spent the morning hours applying for jobs online here in Owensboro, Henderson and Evansville. Then I went out on foot at lunch time to the stores and shops downtown… No luck (The one place hiring has asked me to come back 2 days in a row because they haven’t had the paper applications for people to fill out.) And have been following up with jobs and reading up on study materials from school to help me if I ever do Get an interview that coincides with my degree.

Its really frustrating. And its really getting me down.
On a lighter note. We did get a pretty size-able (For the ‘Boro) Snow fall last night, it has lifted my spirits today.
Im going to try to have a good night, I’m making it Taco night here at our house tonight and there is A UK B-Ball game tonight so… im going to try to just relax, and pray it all works out.



Things are going… I’m still looking for a job. Its a tough job market here in Owensboro. Tougher than I ever expected it to be. I’m either under qualified (I.E-Coding supervisor, HR administrator, hell, I was even under-qualified for a daycare position at the hospital Health Plex.)… Or overqualified…(I.E- Wal-mart, McDonalds, OCTCs assistants.)

I just don’t understand, in these times, how you can be “over” qualified for a job… I mean… why wouldn’t McDonald’s want a college graduate???….who is willing to work any hours and take minimum wage…It seems like you would rather have me, than someone with no education..that sounds terrible…..It seems like I would be first on the list with the education…. I just don’t understand.

I feel like everyday, the rejection emails roll in..

“Dear Courtnie:

Thank you for your interest in employment with Owensboro Community & Technical College. After careful consideration of your application, we regret to inform you that our search for the Office Support Assistant position has been narrowed to other candidates.”

Seriously…. Office support assistant…. I couldn’t even get an interview for that job?!?!?!?

Obviously they didn’t consider my application carefully enough or they would have seen that I sent the past two years being an office support assistant at a global company, and that I spent 5 years working for the BCTCS system…..I thought I was a shoe in. I thought it would be mine for sure.
I don’t understand.

I accepted a temporary job through a temp agency in November at a factory here in Owensboro called Unifirst. It paid minimum wage….. During that time, I interviewed with Kelly services…..for a mortgage loan processor position at US bank.. but she said it could be days maybe months, then I came home and had bronchitis/pneumonia from then through Christmas.

Tic Toc….. Tic Toc…. still haven’t heard a thing…

During my illness, My husband turned over my resume to his boss, who in turn, turned the resume over to the Director of Radiology at the hospital here, who in turn, turned the resume over to the Director of Health Information Management (which is my degree)

I called the lady and spoke with her, She was so excited to have found me and told me that a position would be opening up in her department, though only part time, and she would love for me to have it….I have been promised an interview….She just didn’t know when…..

so again… a waiting game. For “THE” job…

Then the job at Unifirst ended…. So now I have nothing… no income coming in at all… I really thought that I would have started the job at US bank before the job ended at Unifirst, or at least interviewed for the hospital one… but nothing.

There are six temp agencies here… none of which have any positions to offer anyone… I’m first on their list to be called if something opens up.. UGH.
So now I am spending my days applying at McDonald’s, Wal-Mart, Hobby Lobby, Chic-fil-A, Shoe Carnival, Dollar General.. and others in addition to the professional jobs that I am applying for.

I just want to know why, I cant even get an interview anywhere for any job….
I would take anything……………………………..

For anyone unemployed this process is terrible, you call about positions, you speak to HR, they steer you to the internet, to the employment page on their website….its so impersonal, they don’t want to see your face, they just let a computer kick you out based on some pre identified criteria.. they don’t want to know how hard you will work, or how you are never late, or how driven you are or how you would be their top employee!!! No. they want you to go online and spend three hours filling out your past job history, and your references, and you never hear from them again.

I’ve gotta be honest, its hard on the self esteem to get rejection after rejection, you start to doubt yourself, your time, your education and whether the decisions you have made in the past were the right ones…

If you are me… you start to feel, well, Worthless.

“Should I have even gone to college, or should I have just gone to Toyota… hell, I could be making over 100k right now if I had..” It starts to get personal after a while when you hear that a company isnt “Interested in interviewing you” but no explanation, no feedback as to why you are so un-interviewable.

Something has to give… I really don’t know what else to do.. everywhere I go… People have jobs….people are working…. why am I not one of them??? What am I doing wrong… whats wrong with me?

Pray I find something. Please.


Everyone has family traditions when it comes to the Thanksgiving Holiday. Whether its going to pick out a tree, Moms special Dressing, or a tag football before the Big Meal. Some people even go to bed at 6pm so they can be up at the crack of dawn to catch that awesome Black Friday deal.

The biggest tradition for my family has always been to put ol Bing Crosby’s “White Christmas” on the Tele and put up the Christmas tree on Thanksgiving night! This tradition has been a part of every Thanksgiving since I was born, and I love it.

I love hearing my sisters and my mom recite every line of White Christmas, singing all the songs and every one mocking the movie when the girl says “Mutual, I’m Sure!”. I love how every year, my mom challenges the movie by hitting the note on the piano that Bing Crosby will have the little girl sing in warm ups just to prove she’s still remembers it… It’s the same thing every year!

Everyone is looking to put their favorite ornament in a special spot and watching the TV at the same time though we all know it by heart. I love when things run a little long, and we have to put on Chevy Chases Christmas Vacation to keep the decorating momentum going, and again, we know every line, but now my dad chimes in while drinking coffee and eating leftovers on the couch.

This tradition is more important than the Thanksgiving meal, you would rather miss the meal, than miss the tree decorating. There is something about this tradition that is so good for my heart. It starts the season off right.

Now that I am married, I am trying to start a new tradition for me and the hubby. The past two years that we have lived together, (and pre-Greg years) I have put up the tree alone since Greg has been at school on these Saturdays studying for finals at this point. So I was so excited when he was excited to help me put the tree up this year. On a MONDAY night. And we made my tree tradition “our” tree tradition!

So true to my solo decorating tradition I pop in RALPHIE! I look forward to A Christmas Story every year!

Hubs brought in the tree from the garage, and I got out my trusty White lights.

Then I remembered Greg mentioning that he preferred colored, he said he grew up with colored lights, just as I did. So we used color this year.

I spent a good 45 minutes “fluffing” my ten year old tree to leave no holes all while laughing at the movie with Greg. Did I mention that he made sugar cookies while I was doing this????? YUM!

After the tree was fluffed and the rainbow lights were on we decorated the tree with our VERY fragile ornaments, I feel like I lose 2 or 3 a year just because we have moved so much, they really take a beating. Some my parents gave us, and a few of the neatest ones were a wedding gift from a dear friend. They are beautiful!

I love them and I think they make our tree.
I wish I had a photo of Greg’s ornament from his mom that says “First Born Son, Moms Favorite” Its adorable.

And so the tree was finished.

Not the best photo.

But I wasn’t Done….

In our last apartment we had a nice fireplace and a beautiful mantle that I loved to decorate at the Holidays. And I don’t feel like just having the tree up is enough, so I decided to use my garland that I used on the mantle last year and my unused white lights to turn one of my least favorite parts of our apt into our new “Mantle”.
See, we have this weird wall, that divides our living room from our dining room, and there are these terrible bars there, its like a jail cell. When we moved in I was thinking in the back of my brain, “what am I going to do with that UGLY wall?”

I feel like these decorations really help and made a super cute place to hang our stockings.

I’m so happy our tree is up, and I was even more excited to have my husbands help with the tree for the first time!!! I think colored lights, sugar cookies and A Christmas story may be a tradition that we continue and carry on when we have children someday!!!

Mid-Night Catch up.


Its been a while. I can’t say that I haven’t written because I have been too busy, because I haven’t. In fact its the opposite I have absolutely nothing to do but look for a job and Laundry… fun times. I guess the best way to put it is that I have been busy trying to adjust. And apparently that takes a lot out of you.

So. First and Foremost.

KY Bar Results came out On Friday Oct. the 1st.
and of COURSE… He PASSED!! He was so relieved. I am still shocked that he ever had any doubts. I never thought for a second that there would be any way that he would fail.

Do you ever just know things? Do you ever just feel things in your guts? Well, I knew in my heart that he would pass, and I’m a worrier. I worry about EVERYTHING, I take everything on myself and dwell on it. But I knew, when I didn’t worry about this… that he would be fine.

I’ll tell you about Bar study.
It wasn’t too terrible for me actually. (I know I wasn’t the one studying) But I thought It was going to be a lot worse than it was. I thought I would never see him, that he would be a monster, and that our house would fall apart because I was working 3 jobs (2 very part-time) when. But we made it.

Advice I would give for playing the supporting role in the Blockbuster Bar exam is to

A.) Remain calm…. When husband or wife reaches a point of explosion because they didn’t do the best on a practice exam…. be calm and supportive, lay low, offer services and support then get out of the way. Husband had a rough study night and reached the point of breaking, where he said he needed to go for a drive… He offered for me to come with… I declined. Stayed home and let him deal. My instincts told me to go with him and give him the old… You are going to be fine, everything will be ok, but I didn’t, and just 30 minutes later he came back refreshed, clearheaded and a lot calmer.

B.) Do all you can.
I’m a doer.. I base my life and actions on the things that I would want for myself. I guess I live by the old Golden Rule. Do unto others as you would have others do unto you. I feel like doing as much for my husband as I could for being as busy as I could while he was focusing would be what I would want him to do for me. I mean, everyone likes to study in a clean house, have a good meal, or good take out, or maybe even an Oreo or a Brownie waiting when they need a break.

C.) Leave them Alone.
This one was so hard, and something I failed day after day at……But I’m just adding it just in case you are better at it than me. Greg Did MOST of his studying at home. This surprised me, because he’s a big at school studier (Im pretty sure I am the reason why). He set up shop in the front bedroom. An hour would pass and I would find myself giving in to the temptation of seeing his face and talking to someone, and I would go bug him. Sometimes he didn’t mind and appreciated the break. Other times I could tell I was really distracting him then he would spend the next hour getting water, taking a TV break, or getting on Facebook.
I wish I would have had more will power… I wish you luck with this…. I’m always happy to have my friend home, and I always want to play!

Just love em.. It’s hard for them, probably the hardest work and most pressure they will ever feel. Supporting and loving them whole heartedly is so important. Sneak in an extra hug if you can!

So, he conquered the beast, and got though it. and Im very proud. Im glad its over. It’s not something that I wish on anyone. NO ONE.. but it can be done….

Well, this is just a smidgen of what’s been going on in life at my house… I may have to do another post tomorrow. now I have decided to use my time as an insomniac wisely… and go do some photo editing.
I mean hell, why not? Its only 2am!

New Adventures.

I left my job that I loathed last Wed. WIN!!!!!!
After my exit interview, I started the 3 hour Journey to O-Boro. It was Gregs birthday, and the Poor car was LOADED down with stuff and had been for 2 days. Upon my arrival I began unloading all of my stuff from the car. On my second trip to the car I noticed that something was spraying onto my leg….. It was Anti-freeze, our car had exploded as I pulled into the driveway… On the good side, it got me to Owensboro without issue.
This was the scene about 30 minutes after my arrival…

It turned out to be the radiator.. sounds scary expensive to me…. BUUUUTTT don’t fear, our Towing, Rental, and service was covered by out Certified Platinum Toyota warranty, a whole 800 dollars worth of service, completely covered……. the warranty paid for itself. And the service technician here in the Boro was a prince to us. The people here are so nice…. I MEAN SO NICE. we needed that.

Greg ended up having a good birthday!!!

Thursday, I spent cleaning and unpacking and trying to get settled and packed for the long weekend.

On Friday, Greg had his 1st of 6 Furlow days, in which we spent traveling back to Cincinnati (yes only one day after I left) for 2 weddings on Saturday.
We went to a rehearsal and rehearsal dinner.

then out to drinks with all of the groomsmen.
The next day we went to 2 of gregs Best friends weddings…Greg was a groomsman in one, and we made it to the second one (an hour and a half away) during the reception.

Then back here on Sunday….All in all a crazy awesome weekend.
Here is Owensboro.
Here are some photos of our new town.