Soooo. Sooo sooo soooo sooooo much has happened since the last time I posted. My life is totally different now then the last time I posted… WOW

Heres the skinny. Husband got transferred home. We are no longer in Owensboro!!! YAY! We have moved to, and are renting in Downtown Lexington and we LOVE IT!! We can walk to stores and restaurants, eat outside, hear good music, see art…. and we live ten minutes from our New little Nephew… and also from both of our families.

My hubby, seems to be liking his new work environment though, he misses his old office terribly. He had the nicest coworkers, and they were awfully close.

I am not having the same issues with finding a job like I did in Owensboro. I had two jobs waiting for me before I even moved home… I start this coming Monday at UK!!!

Hard to believe this photo was taken a week ago, we got half a foot of snow... today it was a record breaking 85 degrees. We rent the bottom floor of this hundred year old beauty

See how you can see the Blue Building from our porch!!!


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