I think I had previously mentioned that I got a job at the hospital. I am working there three days a week. Its a decent job…. the benefits are great (something I will never take for granted again), and I enjoy having a stable job again. I am wishing however to get more into my photography, though I cant seem to get into the market here in Owensboro…..

This is something I have never seen before…

In the early spring, the fields are purple. I mean, everywhere….. purple…..

My grandma, who I have previously posted about passed away last week… I was in the room with her and saw her take her last breath. It was heartbreaking. We all knew it was time, she was 97, her kidneys had shut down, and she was uncomfortable……
She was one of my favorite people on this earth, and she taught me so much. And living without her in my world is harder than I ever thought it would be. I still cry daily because I miss her so much.

This is Mamaw and my dad 2 years ago. He lived with her for the past 8 months and was holding her hand when she passed.
Gosh I miss her so bad.

On another weirder note…
Since the end of march, I have lost 40% of my hair!!! CRAZY!!! It just started falling out, EVERYWHERE. it is much much better now, but I went to two doctors who said it was stress, then finally saw a dermatologist who determined that the Metal stamping factory I was working at could have something to do with it.. So once I started at the hospital, I quit the factory… and Ive seen MUCH less hair in the shower…and much less in the brush!!! I felt crazy because everyone was telling me it was stress!!! But the hair falling out was stressing me out more!!!


I just finished Tina Fey’s Bossypants…. OMG a must read. I have never read a book that made me laugh out loud… She is my new idol!

So much has been happening, some good, some bad, some bad then good…
Life is good and Im blessed.


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