I’ve never been the type of person that has had a HUGE group of friends. I was always that girl, who had the one or two BEST friends that were my world at the time.

Since moving to Owensboro, I haven’t had the opportunity (yet) to build any new close relationships with anyone since most of the time I have spent here I have been jobless or in a temporary position, and I’m really missing that connection.

I have a few really good, special friends.

My oldest friend, Celia, was a pre-school buddy, we were separated through elementary and Middle school but became friends again in High school, and sisters in college. She was my musical muse, and was the type of friend that you could call at two in the morning say you needed to go for a drive and she’d be ready to go with you in no time at all. The type of friend that was so close that I would wake up some mornings and she would be in my apt, asleep on my couch, because my heating cost were included in my rent and she didn’t want to stay in her cold place! The type of friend that has an extra key to your apt and to your car just in case you get locked out….

This is an old photograph circa 2005 or so celebrating her birthday at Portofino in Lexington

Celia in Vogue Italia.

She moved to New York City in 2006 to pursue a her lifelong dream of modeling, where she has been quite successful, appearing on Americas Next Top Model, making it to 3rd or 4th place, Modeling for Vouge and other magazines, editing for Elle Girl, and all kinds of other amazing things that I could never dream of accomplishing. Though I am so proud of her for reaching for her dreams, I can’t help but secretly miss her and wish her home sometimes.

I made a new best friend in college, her name is Rebekah. We were in Dental Lab School and then went on to get our Bachelors together at Eastern. We studied together, ate out together, Listen to music together. She is the friend that I can talk to about ANYTHING. She is rational, kind, and the most forgiving and non-judgmental person that I know. I’m so thankful for her. Miss her terribly.

She is In the Cincinnati area currently working in our field and doing big things, working on her masters. I haven’t seen her since July!

This is my friend Rebekah

We still talk 2-3 times a week, we share music, and I still trust her with my deepest secrets, but I miss this friendship and knowing that she is near……..

The last friend I am going to Mention is my friend Kelly, we became friends at my last job over a mutual HATRED of the gossip and high-schoolish behavior that plagued our office. She was a great friend to me and helped me get through some hard days there. We had ritual Yagoot visits, shopping trips and happy hours, and I miss having her near as well.

I guess what I am trying to say here, is I miss my friends, and I cannot wait to see them soon, and make new friends here in Owensboro once my job starts next week. Its the most exciting thing to me about this job is making a friend, someone here to hang with and talk with!

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