Sleepin alone… in a house I don’t own.

Hubby is out of town for a 5 days….. wah… tear….. sigh….. moan… whimper. Im such a wuss. I just hate the feeling that he isn’t gonna come in the door tonight or be next to me in the morning when I wake up… But, its how it is for the week anyways. There are many out there who haven’t seen their husbands in a year.. months…. weeks because of their service to our country.

I don’t know how you do it ladies… You are amazing.

So what should I do with myself???? Since Ive been home about 10 minutes and I am already in my pajama pants….Im probably going to watch crappy TV shows that I am too embarrassed to watch in front of my husband.. Make spaghetti for dinner…. Sit in a hot bath with my Pandora on Fleet Foxes…… then watch girly movies on Netflix that would make Greg Gag and cringe.

Ill be out by 9. Maybe 8:30 if the bath is really relaxing…

WOW. I bet you are worn out just reading this? One thing is for sure. Im going to relax, and enjoy watching cheesy movies and the funniest home videos….

We’ll see how it goes..

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