Tuesday Blues

I really thought that the beginning of this would be the time when I would hear back some positive news. But its been nothing but rejections, Postponements and what I feel like, is false hope.

I spent the morning hours applying for jobs online here in Owensboro, Henderson and Evansville. Then I went out on foot at lunch time to the stores and shops downtown… No luck (The one place hiring has asked me to come back 2 days in a row because they haven’t had the paper applications for people to fill out.) And have been following up with jobs and reading up on study materials from school to help me if I ever do Get an interview that coincides with my degree.

Its really frustrating. And its really getting me down.
On a lighter note. We did get a pretty size-able (For the ‘Boro) Snow fall last night, it has lifted my spirits today.
Im going to try to have a good night, I’m making it Taco night here at our house tonight and there is A UK B-Ball game tonight so… im going to try to just relax, and pray it all works out.


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