Things are going… I’m still looking for a job. Its a tough job market here in Owensboro. Tougher than I ever expected it to be. I’m either under qualified (I.E-Coding supervisor, HR administrator, hell, I was even under-qualified for a daycare position at the hospital Health Plex.)… Or overqualified…(I.E- Wal-mart, McDonalds, OCTCs assistants.)

I just don’t understand, in these times, how you can be “over” qualified for a job… I mean… why wouldn’t McDonald’s want a college graduate???….who is willing to work any hours and take minimum wage…It seems like you would rather have me, than someone with no education..that sounds terrible…..It seems like I would be first on the list with the education…. I just don’t understand.

I feel like everyday, the rejection emails roll in..

“Dear Courtnie:

Thank you for your interest in employment with Owensboro Community & Technical College. After careful consideration of your application, we regret to inform you that our search for the Office Support Assistant position has been narrowed to other candidates.”

Seriously…. Office support assistant…. I couldn’t even get an interview for that job?!?!?!?

Obviously they didn’t consider my application carefully enough or they would have seen that I sent the past two years being an office support assistant at a global company, and that I spent 5 years working for the BCTCS system…..I thought I was a shoe in. I thought it would be mine for sure.
I don’t understand.

I accepted a temporary job through a temp agency in November at a factory here in Owensboro called Unifirst. It paid minimum wage….. During that time, I interviewed with Kelly services…..for a mortgage loan processor position at US bank.. but she said it could be days maybe months, then I came home and had bronchitis/pneumonia from then through Christmas.

Tic Toc….. Tic Toc…. still haven’t heard a thing…

During my illness, My husband turned over my resume to his boss, who in turn, turned the resume over to the Director of Radiology at the hospital here, who in turn, turned the resume over to the Director of Health Information Management (which is my degree)

I called the lady and spoke with her, She was so excited to have found me and told me that a position would be opening up in her department, though only part time, and she would love for me to have it….I have been promised an interview….She just didn’t know when…..

so again… a waiting game. For “THE” job…

Then the job at Unifirst ended…. So now I have nothing… no income coming in at all… I really thought that I would have started the job at US bank before the job ended at Unifirst, or at least interviewed for the hospital one… but nothing.

There are six temp agencies here… none of which have any positions to offer anyone… I’m first on their list to be called if something opens up.. UGH.
So now I am spending my days applying at McDonald’s, Wal-Mart, Hobby Lobby, Chic-fil-A, Shoe Carnival, Dollar General.. and others in addition to the professional jobs that I am applying for.

I just want to know why, I cant even get an interview anywhere for any job….
I would take anything……………………………..

For anyone unemployed this process is terrible, you call about positions, you speak to HR, they steer you to the internet, to the employment page on their website….its so impersonal, they don’t want to see your face, they just let a computer kick you out based on some pre identified criteria.. they don’t want to know how hard you will work, or how you are never late, or how driven you are or how you would be their top employee!!! No. they want you to go online and spend three hours filling out your past job history, and your references, and you never hear from them again.

I’ve gotta be honest, its hard on the self esteem to get rejection after rejection, you start to doubt yourself, your time, your education and whether the decisions you have made in the past were the right ones…

If you are me… you start to feel, well, Worthless.

“Should I have even gone to college, or should I have just gone to Toyota… hell, I could be making over 100k right now if I had..” It starts to get personal after a while when you hear that a company isnt “Interested in interviewing you” but no explanation, no feedback as to why you are so un-interviewable.

Something has to give… I really don’t know what else to do.. everywhere I go… People have jobs….people are working…. why am I not one of them??? What am I doing wrong… whats wrong with me?

Pray I find something. Please.

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  1. The same thing happened to me when we first moved to Oregon. I applied to U of O for jobs that I had done for 3 years in college and they said I was not qualified! Lol. Doug told me that was their way of saying, we have already groomed an undergrad who had been working in their office for most of their college career. Hang in there. The thing that is most…I guess you could say…tangible about your life is that in a short year and a half I will be with you sister. I hope that now that law school is over life has given you somewhat of a respite. Try not to let this consume you. This is not YOUR fault. The economy/work market is a scary place.

    January 17, 2011 at 11:55 AM

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