Everyone has family traditions when it comes to the Thanksgiving Holiday. Whether its going to pick out a tree, Moms special Dressing, or a tag football before the Big Meal. Some people even go to bed at 6pm so they can be up at the crack of dawn to catch that awesome Black Friday deal.

The biggest tradition for my family has always been to put ol Bing Crosby’s “White Christmas” on the Tele and put up the Christmas tree on Thanksgiving night! This tradition has been a part of every Thanksgiving since I was born, and I love it.

I love hearing my sisters and my mom recite every line of White Christmas, singing all the songs and every one mocking the movie when the girl says “Mutual, I’m Sure!”. I love how every year, my mom challenges the movie by hitting the note on the piano that Bing Crosby will have the little girl sing in warm ups just to prove she’s still remembers it… It’s the same thing every year!

Everyone is looking to put their favorite ornament in a special spot and watching the TV at the same time though we all know it by heart. I love when things run a little long, and we have to put on Chevy Chases Christmas Vacation to keep the decorating momentum going, and again, we know every line, but now my dad chimes in while drinking coffee and eating leftovers on the couch.

This tradition is more important than the Thanksgiving meal, you would rather miss the meal, than miss the tree decorating. There is something about this tradition that is so good for my heart. It starts the season off right.

Now that I am married, I am trying to start a new tradition for me and the hubby. The past two years that we have lived together, (and pre-Greg years) I have put up the tree alone since Greg has been at school on these Saturdays studying for finals at this point. So I was so excited when he was excited to help me put the tree up this year. On a MONDAY night. And we made my tree tradition “our” tree tradition!

So true to my solo decorating tradition I pop in RALPHIE! I look forward to A Christmas Story every year!

Hubs brought in the tree from the garage, and I got out my trusty White lights.

Then I remembered Greg mentioning that he preferred colored, he said he grew up with colored lights, just as I did. So we used color this year.

I spent a good 45 minutes “fluffing” my ten year old tree to leave no holes all while laughing at the movie with Greg. Did I mention that he made sugar cookies while I was doing this????? YUM!

After the tree was fluffed and the rainbow lights were on we decorated the tree with our VERY fragile ornaments, I feel like I lose 2 or 3 a year just because we have moved so much, they really take a beating. Some my parents gave us, and a few of the neatest ones were a wedding gift from a dear friend. They are beautiful!

I love them and I think they make our tree.
I wish I had a photo of Greg’s ornament from his mom that says “First Born Son, Moms Favorite” Its adorable.

And so the tree was finished.

Not the best photo.

But I wasn’t Done….

In our last apartment we had a nice fireplace and a beautiful mantle that I loved to decorate at the Holidays. And I don’t feel like just having the tree up is enough, so I decided to use my garland that I used on the mantle last year and my unused white lights to turn one of my least favorite parts of our apt into our new “Mantle”.
See, we have this weird wall, that divides our living room from our dining room, and there are these terrible bars there, its like a jail cell. When we moved in I was thinking in the back of my brain, “what am I going to do with that UGLY wall?”

I feel like these decorations really help and made a super cute place to hang our stockings.

I’m so happy our tree is up, and I was even more excited to have my husbands help with the tree for the first time!!! I think colored lights, sugar cookies and A Christmas story may be a tradition that we continue and carry on when we have children someday!!!

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