Mid-Night Catch up.


Its been a while. I can’t say that I haven’t written because I have been too busy, because I haven’t. In fact its the opposite I have absolutely nothing to do but look for a job and Laundry… fun times. I guess the best way to put it is that I have been busy trying to adjust. And apparently that takes a lot out of you.

So. First and Foremost.

KY Bar Results came out On Friday Oct. the 1st.
and of COURSE… He PASSED!! He was so relieved. I am still shocked that he ever had any doubts. I never thought for a second that there would be any way that he would fail.

Do you ever just know things? Do you ever just feel things in your guts? Well, I knew in my heart that he would pass, and I’m a worrier. I worry about EVERYTHING, I take everything on myself and dwell on it. But I knew, when I didn’t worry about this… that he would be fine.

I’ll tell you about Bar study.
It wasn’t too terrible for me actually. (I know I wasn’t the one studying) But I thought It was going to be a lot worse than it was. I thought I would never see him, that he would be a monster, and that our house would fall apart because I was working 3 jobs (2 very part-time) when. But we made it.

Advice I would give for playing the supporting role in the Blockbuster Bar exam is to

A.) Remain calm…. When husband or wife reaches a point of explosion because they didn’t do the best on a practice exam…. be calm and supportive, lay low, offer services and support then get out of the way. Husband had a rough study night and reached the point of breaking, where he said he needed to go for a drive… He offered for me to come with… I declined. Stayed home and let him deal. My instincts told me to go with him and give him the old… You are going to be fine, everything will be ok, but I didn’t, and just 30 minutes later he came back refreshed, clearheaded and a lot calmer.

B.) Do all you can.
I’m a doer.. I base my life and actions on the things that I would want for myself. I guess I live by the old Golden Rule. Do unto others as you would have others do unto you. I feel like doing as much for my husband as I could for being as busy as I could while he was focusing would be what I would want him to do for me. I mean, everyone likes to study in a clean house, have a good meal, or good take out, or maybe even an Oreo or a Brownie waiting when they need a break.

C.) Leave them Alone.
This one was so hard, and something I failed day after day at……But I’m just adding it just in case you are better at it than me. Greg Did MOST of his studying at home. This surprised me, because he’s a big at school studier (Im pretty sure I am the reason why). He set up shop in the front bedroom. An hour would pass and I would find myself giving in to the temptation of seeing his face and talking to someone, and I would go bug him. Sometimes he didn’t mind and appreciated the break. Other times I could tell I was really distracting him then he would spend the next hour getting water, taking a TV break, or getting on Facebook.
I wish I would have had more will power… I wish you luck with this…. I’m always happy to have my friend home, and I always want to play!

Just love em.. It’s hard for them, probably the hardest work and most pressure they will ever feel. Supporting and loving them whole heartedly is so important. Sneak in an extra hug if you can!

So, he conquered the beast, and got though it. and Im very proud. Im glad its over. It’s not something that I wish on anyone. NO ONE.. but it can be done….

Well, this is just a smidgen of what’s been going on in life at my house… I may have to do another post tomorrow. now I have decided to use my time as an insomniac wisely… and go do some photo editing.
I mean hell, why not? Its only 2am!


One response

  1. Congrats again!

    Good advice. I think most of it can be applied to all of law school marriage and studying at home (except the do all you can, which is best saved for finals and the bar otherwise the chore-doer will go crazy!). I am glad to see couples come out just fine the other side.

    And I know what you mean about knowing he would pass. I would be absolutely floored if my husband didn’t pass. I know he will study for it diligently, and be at least as prepared as 80 percent of his peers.

    October 7, 2010 at 10:28 AM

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