New Adventures.

I left my job that I loathed last Wed. WIN!!!!!!
After my exit interview, I started the 3 hour Journey to O-Boro. It was Gregs birthday, and the Poor car was LOADED down with stuff and had been for 2 days. Upon my arrival I began unloading all of my stuff from the car. On my second trip to the car I noticed that something was spraying onto my leg….. It was Anti-freeze, our car had exploded as I pulled into the driveway… On the good side, it got me to Owensboro without issue.
This was the scene about 30 minutes after my arrival…

It turned out to be the radiator.. sounds scary expensive to me…. BUUUUTTT don’t fear, our Towing, Rental, and service was covered by out Certified Platinum Toyota warranty, a whole 800 dollars worth of service, completely covered……. the warranty paid for itself. And the service technician here in the Boro was a prince to us. The people here are so nice…. I MEAN SO NICE. we needed that.

Greg ended up having a good birthday!!!

Thursday, I spent cleaning and unpacking and trying to get settled and packed for the long weekend.

On Friday, Greg had his 1st of 6 Furlow days, in which we spent traveling back to Cincinnati (yes only one day after I left) for 2 weddings on Saturday.
We went to a rehearsal and rehearsal dinner.

then out to drinks with all of the groomsmen.
The next day we went to 2 of gregs Best friends weddings…Greg was a groomsman in one, and we made it to the second one (an hour and a half away) during the reception.

Then back here on Sunday….All in all a crazy awesome weekend.
Here is Owensboro.
Here are some photos of our new town.

One response

  1. Ok- WOW- a radiator problem. That’s gotta hurt. Thank Goodness for the warranty!

    Your pictures are just BEAUTIFUL. How did you do the coloring in 1,2,4, and 7?

    Hope you get settled in ok! Can’t wait to hear more.

    September 12, 2010 at 8:55 AM

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