Grilled Ham and BarBri and BIG NEWS!!

While hubby was camped out on the couch tonight watching Barbri videos, I layed out beside the pool, then came in and took a nice relaxing bath (yes, I feel guilty having all this relaxing time while he is working his ass off.. but I cant just sit here and stare at him!!). When I got out of the bathtub, I went into the kitchen and found this.

Yep, thats right. My husband was cooking Grilled ham and cheese sandwiches for a late night snack with his computer playing a barbri video and his Barbri book behind him… He couldn’t even put it down to make a sandwich. UGH!

Now, Dont lose all hope… Last night we had a date night, in which we went and enjoyed our favorite Thai food. And went and spent some time at a good friends house then came home and enjoyed the evening together……….

But tonight was all business because….. Wait for it…… wait for it…WAIT FOR IT!!!!

GREG has his 1st interview for a JOB with the DPA (Department of Public Advocacy) for a large town in Western KY called Owensboro!!! Its nearly 4 hours from where we live now!!! (Which we like/dislike)

Its really exciting and its exciting to start to see what the future holds for us…so Say your prayers for us or think happy thoughts if that is not your thing.

Just givin y’all a little insight to the life of a Barbri wife.

(PS. The Grilled ham sandwich was awesome.. Hubby can multitask!!!)


One response

  1. Ha. I can TOTALLY relate to the kitchen business. I take my laptop into the kitchen on almost a daily basis, though usually for the recipe and/or Hulu. Whether we live in a $100,000 house or a $500,000 house, my eventual kitchen will have both a TV (prob a flip down one) and an iMac in it!

    And that’s an exciting opportunity!! I hope it goes well!

    June 24, 2010 at 10:43 AM

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