I passed it on

So, Remember that terrible, horrible, no good, very bad, 5 day long stomach virus I had just a few days ago????? Well, I passed it on to my sweet and brave husband who spent five days breathing the same air as me, bringing me food, wiping my face with a cold damp cloth, and just taking care of me like a champ…….

Well, Now he has it. Today will be day 5 for him (hopefully the last day), and he’s just plain miserable. He was up ALL night long last night, not a wink of sleep. And in Turn will be missing his first day of BARBRI class today… UGH. Terrible.

I feel so guilty. I always felt (naïvely) that if you take care of a person when they are sick, Karma protects you from getting their disease… I’m sorry I was wrong in this case.. I feel SOOOO terrible. You have no idea.

So, think good thoughts for my hubby on his road to recovery… I know how he’s feeling and it isn’t pretty..


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