Empty Nest

Today, I went walking around the apartment complex to try to get my photo of the day, and just as my feet hit the pavement…It started to rain. (just as it did a little boy who was playing with his dad yelled, “Daddy!!! Its Sparkling out here!!!” So cute)

But just as I was turning back, so disappointed that my picture of the day was going to be a close up of a Wendy’s cup… this Caught my eye

Empty lil birds nest

I found this empty nest that had fallen from a tree.
It made me happy and sad…

I mean look at it, Look at the hard work the little mommy and daddy robins did to make a safe place for their babies to be born.

But now the babies are long gone, they have gotten their wings and flown away, and all that is left is some dirt and tiny blue shell pieces. Totally discarded.

Its kinda symbolic for the times right now for me, with both of us moving on soon. Leaving the College “nest” and becoming adults… leaving the small (now)unimportant things behind!!
Gawd I am such a cheeseball….. such a girl..

Hopefully we wont leave such a mess when we go!

One response

  1. I gotta know… what is in your bag? What body and lenses do you prefer. I love your shots. 🙂

    May 20, 2010 at 9:36 PM

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