Back in the land of the living

After five (FIVE) terrible days of stomach virus… I am back and finally feeling better. You would think after laying in bed for 5 days straight and sleeping the whole time, that one would feel rested. Totally not the case when your body has been fighting the virus of the Century….


The weather here has been so cruddy… rainy, and cold for Mid May… It’s just been gross!!! However, the weather proved to be a good thing for me yesterday when Hubby and I headed to my hometown so I could vote in KY’s primary election… and I got these photos.

Im Obesessed with Water Droplets.

My Mom has beautiful flowers

Mushroom with the shape of a mushroom on it.. weird

Yesterday was just a good day, filled with things I love…. long car rides with my hubby where he inserts my name into Smashing Pumpkin lyrics and sings it loudly, My Family, and Rain drop photography..


2 responses

  1. Your photos are gorgeous, as usual!

    I can’t believe you had a stomach bug for FIVE days?!?! Did you go to the doctor? I could hardly survive 24 hours, you are now my hero. Glad you are well!

    May 19, 2010 at 9:52 PM

  2. I didn’t head to the Dr. But I honestly thought about it. I knew what I had, because I know who gave me the bug (at Gregs grad 😦 ) So I figured if they got over it I would!!!!
    It was no fun. Im very happy to be feeling better!!!! Its not fun to take off work for actually being sick.

    May 20, 2010 at 5:46 AM

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