So, recently I was posting about cameras, and pictures and my dreams. And I came home from work one day to find this

My sweet husband had purchased me my dream camera….. OMG.
And so my dream comes true. He always has a way of doing that.

Here are a few of the shots Ive been able to take so far.

Just a simple snack from last night

Wildfire, our horse

Taken in Mariemont, OH

Eden Park

Tulips at the Capital in Frankfort

And my sweet husband who got me the camera.

I am so excited and so incredibly thankful. All I think about is photography, and art and taking pictures. Its almost as if I have found a little piece of me that was missing.

Im so grateful to my husband for thinking of me, loving me, understanding my deepest needs, and for mapping out a maze in pink yarn for me to follow to the Camera hidden in the nightstand next to our bed. And attaching a note to it that melted my heart.

I truly am, The Luckiest.


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