I’m so excited!!!!

This past weekend one of my younger sisters got married to the man of her dreams in front of family and a few friends. I was fortunate enough that the reception was informal and I could steal my moms camera and take a few pics.

The exciting part, aside from my sister being an old married lady like me, is that after I posted the pictures on Facebook, 3 people have asked me to shoot their weddings!!! For Real!!! One person wants me to shoot her engagement pics in 2 weeks!!!!

Im super nervous because I agreed to do the engagement pictures, though i have no camera. I have no idea how I am going to acquire one.

I need a professional camera….

not my moms beefed up point and click or my amazing but cheesy point and click

But, cameras cost money….. almost as much money as gallbladder surgeries do……UGH.

Oh well, Im going to just bask in the glory of being asked to shoot someones wedding!!! Its a huge honor and I am just so pleased to be asked.

I have also been asked to display my art in my hometowns Art Walk in July!!!

Im excited to know that someday, maybe I will be able to make a living doing something I love, instead of something I loathe.

I’m absolutely tickled pink!

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