The Year Thus Far

So its nearly January 3rd 2010. The anniversary of our first year of marriage, and there is no documentation of our memories or our life together.

For starters, who are we?

This is us on our wedding day.
January 3rd, 2009 at Mount Pleasant Christian Church in KY.

I, am the blushing bride on the left who had, just moments before this photograph was taken, married the man of my dreams.

At the time we were married, I was 26 years old. I had just graduated from Eastern 6 months earlier, and had just accepted a position at my first adult job at a company where I am still currently employed. This is a picture of me in one of my finest moments, by far, the happiest day of my life.

The aforementioned “Man of my dreams” pictured to the right of me in this photograph, is my husband Greg. At the time this photo was taken, Greg was 25 (cradle robber-scandal-I know!!). He was in the middle of his second year of Law School and had just completed the most stressful semester he would encounter in law school, only 2 weeks prior to this day.

Our Wedding took place in Grant County KY, a place dear to both of our hearts. And as we said our “I Do’s” we were surrounded by amazing family and friends. It was a wonderful, warm, honest day filled with laughs and tears and love and happiness.

We Honeymooned in Gatlinburg Tenn. in a cabin we found last minute!

It was called “The Snuggle Bear”

Snuggle Bear

Greg Had never been to Gatlinburg, so We went over the mountain to Cherokee to North Carolina and visited the Cherokee Museum, and we also visted the Ripleys Aquarium, and Cades Cove and took the tram to Ober Gatlinburg. The weather was cold, rainy (It even thunderstormed one night while we were in the hot-tub!), snowy and FOGGY!! Greg didnt see a mountain until nearly 1/2 way though our trip.
Here is what he saw when the fog lifted.

Cades Cove

Our Honeymoon was amazing. I loved every minute of it.

Once back from the honeymoon Life returned to normal, I went back to work, Greg went back to school.

Once Summer rolled around we had a definite change of pace.
First, We bought a car…


And she took us to many places.

Wed. Nights at Gaslight District movies at the Esquire and Thai food became a favorite weekly adventure for us.


We took Many trips to Murray

This Lake Barkley-One of our favorite places

Lake Barkley

This little Murray girl has stolen our hearts
This is Rebekah Ellis. She makes us both want Baby Girls.

Rebekah Ellis

Our Most Memorable Trip this summer was to Current River In good ole Missouri.
Greg dreams of this trip all year long… It was an amazing trip this year. Here is the crew

Current River

Here is the view from our Cabin

Current River Cabin View

We had a fun day at Kings Island where we basically showed our age by pooping out by 5pm and ended up coming home and taking a nap.
Either way the day was awesome

Here we are after riding some rides!

Kings Island Pic

We went to Red River Gorge with Kinzie and Wes, We also spent numerous weekends at their house in Lexington, and had one of our best days of the whole summer in Lexington shopping at the farmers market,
then all of the artsy CD stores. We were so inspired that we came back from Lexington and turned our bedroom into a room to display all of our amazing musical finds.

Here is a Gorge Pic of Greg Making a weapon.

Greg Making Tools at the Gorge

One of our most favorite places on the earth, next to Murray, is Cumberland Falls near Corbin Ky.
We visited the falls 3 or 4 times this summer, and actually got to see the Moonbow (sorry no pics of Moonbow)

Here is a picture of this paradise, that we are so lucky to have been able to visit so often.

Cumberland Falls.

My Husband LOVES to fish. So As a suprize, I took Greg to Eastern Ky to rent a little John Boat for the day and Go Muskie Fishing at Cave Run Lake. We didnt catch any Muskies, but we did come up with a few nice catches. It was a beautiful day and we had a blast.

My First Fish

My Large Mouth Bass

I love this smile and picture

I had a lucky day… Im honestly no fisherman.

Once school started again, we had Halloween,
Greg and I decided to go as Pauly Bleeker and Juno McGuff. We attended Beaux Arts Ball where we saw
Man Man and a Burlesque show……
Here we are!!!

Juno and Pauly

We spent our first married Thanksgiving at My parents house. Gregs Mom and Brother came down and I feel like we had a blast. Our families honestly love each other and support us and that definitely is an ingredient to our amazingly wonderful Marriage.

So we have moved into December and I can accurately keep up with our lives from now on.
Its been an amazing year. And I am so happy that we started it out together. We are truly blessed.

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